The Enduring Internet and the Latest on iOS 12

Forever Online

Here’s a sentence you would have never heard in earnest just 10 years ago: have you ever wondered what happens to your social media accounts after your final post?

Not to be morbid, but the fact that our digital lifespans will long surpass our physical ones is something that has to be contended with at this point.

In my opinion not enough people have taken the time to consider the concept, particularly in businesses like ours where almost everything we do will be online and accessible until the end of civilization.

This Lifehacker piece goes into detail about how and why to write your Amazon Prime account into your will among other pertinent processes.

A Worthwhile Windows Update

Archway doesn’t sell computers–even though we will be happy to find you the best price on one–but we always suggest that anyone in the market for a new PC purchase one with Windows 10 preloaded. One of the updated standard features that I’m really coming to like is the “Shake” function, which makes managing multiple screens easier than ever before.

All you have to do with this convenient new tool is “grab” the top of the current window with your cursor and give it a quick back and forth shake with your keyboard or trackpad, and Shake clears the clutter by minimizing every other open program on the current screen. Get a bit of shakers’ remorse? Just shake it again to pull everything back up.

It’s pretty slick, actually…I admit to giggling just a little bit the first time it worked.

Free Money*

If you’re not taking advantage of cash back on your credit cards, you’re not getting nearly the value you could from your everyday purchases. This one I just started usinggives you a tidy 3 percent cash back on every swipe for the first year, and 2.5 percent every year afterward. There’s no initial fee and you could probably more than cover the $59 second year charge by only using it for gas…it really adds up fast.

Crank Up the Hype Machine

The debut of iOS 12 is nigh, and as usual CNET is here to give us all the early details on the latest bells and whistles. One I find myself intrigued by is the integration of voice shortcuts with Siri, so you can preprogram her with tasks such as “order my coffee” and “call my lawyer,” depending on what your lifestyle typically deems necessary.

The Last Word

All right, that’ll do it for the first week of June. Summer is in full effect, so I just want to take some time to thank all of you for shunning the invigorating appeal of the outside world in favor of another enthralling edition of “Brad’s Blog.” I trust you know by now when to expect me next, but until then don’t forget we only get about 28,000 days to love this life…and that’s if we’re lucky.

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