Second City Scenery and the Self-Driving Saga

Windy City Wonders

To borrow an insight from the late Frank Sinatra, “this is my kind of town, Chicago is.”

I decided to visit since my son is thriving in the IT geek field after graduating college in the area, and I have to say it’s a spectacular city with some of the most stunning architecture I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Check out this pic of us taking in the town, or take it in yourself with this feature on some of the local masterpieces of architecture.

Patience, Humans.

I’m a strong proponent of the self-driving car, I believe the day is fast approaching when human drivers will be a nostalgic novelty.

Still, there are a lot of kinks to work out when you’re talking about such a transformative technology, and while we’re refining the systems I would recommend that if you decide to take a ride from a robot in the near future that you maybe watch the road, just as a backup plan.

You see, apparently a tester for one of these smart vehicles did a dumb thing, making time for a Hulu streaming marathon on the open road. It ended badly–the technology is far from perfect at this time–but hey, the first passenger airliners used to suddenly break apart in midair from time to time and we nailed that down, so I have confidence that we Sapes can pull this off as well.

In any event, self-driving vehicles are all but certain to take over our highways in the coming years, and not only will they have an outsized effect on our day-to-day lives, it’s expected to make a huge impact on our industry. Check out this piece speculating on the ways the insurance industry will change forever the day you see your first self-driving car commercial.

The Trusted Traveler

If you’ve ever considered going through the process of being certified with TSA PreCheck, I say go for it. Getting through security takes me about 5 minutes now that I’m in the registry, so it;s saved me untold hours of standing around frustrated. Many credit cards even offer free application, so I’d definitely advise looking in to both the PreCheck and CLEAR programs.

Automation with Appeal

Drip is a concept in email marketing that ensures your campaign can adapt to each prospects engagement and level of interest, increasing conversion through an approach that is as individualized as possible. It’s also a product folks are using to increase their numbers through intelligent outreach automation…it’s a pretty nifty resource, and could be just what you need to take your agency to the next level. You know you’re curious.

The Last Word

All right everyone, that is a complete week of geek from this end…thanks as always for carving out a few minutes in your weekly boot sequence for this educational edition of “Brad’s Blog!” I’ll be back in your inbox next time around–if you’ll have me–but until then be sure to look both ways before crossing the street…the day you save may be your own.

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