Falls and Screen Shares

For Your Family

I wish I could start off with better news, but this is important to me and could be to you or someone close to you as well.

My mother had herself a bit of a fall recently, and unfortunately she sustained some injuries including a concussion and blood loss in the incident so I spent some time consulting with some highly experienced medical professionals to get the clearest picture of the situation possible.

They really impressed upon me the dangers that concussions can present such as memory difficulties and even physical effects, and although they are common in household falls and other relatively minor accidents, they can’t always be detected by CAT scan.

Thankfully she’s making positive progress toward a recovery, but early detection and treatment was a substantial factor here. That’s why if someone you love has been the victim of a mishap and you suspect they may have had a concussion, this message from the Mayo Clinic could prove vital.

Check Out the Big Brain on Brad!

Have you ever wanted to be on Jeopardy? I’m pretty sure we have all had at least a fleeting moment where we believed we were world class quiz masters, and whether your dream died in a rousing round of Trivial Pursuit or just because the world got in the way, redemption may be here.

This iTunes app, which is free to download and play, gives you a chance to compete for fabulous prizes by showing off your knowledge of valuable minutiae in a live game show.

The show starts at 9AM everyday as well as an afternoon edition on weekdays at 3PM, so if you think you’re so smart, why not put that megamind to the test? You don’t even have to follow the traditional business casual game show dress code.

What Sorcery Is This?

I’ll level with you…like most people, I do not fully understand Bitcoin. It’s pretty tricky business, whenever someone tries to give me more than a basic overview it’s like what I imagine trying to give a succinct explanation of the infield fly rule in a language other than English would be.

This film I stumbled across on Netflix did a decent job illuminating things a bit, but I still can’t quite wrap my mind around some of the finer points. Maybe it will help you more…it really seems like an exciting opportunity, but I just can’t bring myself to invest in things I don’t fully grasp.

Sharing Screens Made Simple

Sharing screens for collaboration or troubleshooting used to be collectively troublesome in and of itself. Huge downloads, complicated software, required access permissions…just way more trouble than it had to be.

Thanks to Screenleap, it’s a lot easier now. Screenleap puts the sharing software where it belongs–online–generating a temporary link that can be visited by all collaborators so what must be seen can be seen, then we can all move on with our lives.

The Last Word (of 2017?)

Well, that’s all the new business for this week…except, of course, for the most important part:

Merry Christmas to all of you from the friendly faces of the Archway team!

As for whether I’ll be back on schedule next week, I’m not entirely sure…who knows, maybe I’ll get some wonderful new gadget I just have to boast about.

In any event, please enjoy your holiday with people you like more than me (I know, that’s saying something).

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