New Year, Same Geek

…and we’re back!

First things first: Happy New Year 2018 to all my readers! By now just about everyone is settling back into their everyday routines, which have hopefully been amended to reflect all those ambitious resolutions made just last week.

A simple alteration that has made a tangible impact on my quality of life was deciding to make stretching a priority. As the song says, “be kind to your knees, you’ll miss them when they’re gone,” and regular stretching goes a long way toward keeping all your flexy parts in good condition.

For full disclosure, I didn’t just start this on the 1st, but hey…it’s not too late to make a change and you might need some easy ideas.

A New Challenger Appears!

Well, I did say EVERYONE was getting back to their post in this second week of January, and unfortunately that includes the cybercriminals who make it their duty to make life worse for the rest of us.

Good thing we here at Archway are a step ahead of them.

You see, PC Magazine recently ran a piece spotlighting a new security hole that could make 9 out of 10 computers in the world vulnerable to attack, and while there haven’t been any high profile reports of this weakness being exploited yet, you know it’s just a matter of time.

The article also details some basic methods of protecting yourself and your network in the wake of this discovery, making it well worth a read. However, if you’re signed on with Archway for your network defense needs, we’re already on top of it for you.

Getting to Know Alexa

I was hoping I’d get something new to geek out about over the holidays, and wouldn’t you know it, I found a new Alexa in my stocking for being a very good boy last year (+shipping).

Even if you just use it to control your music, it’s a pretty slick device, but it really shows its value when you pair it with other connected items like a Smart TV or app-controlled light system. Just in time for the post-holiday Great Installation, Lifehacker has given us an article talking about 7 really cool things you can do with an Amazon Echo.

New Year’s in Peru: Boxers or Briefs?

We spent the final days of last year in Peru, and as always, it was an experience. One of the most amusing things I learned on the trip is that in Peru and many other Latin American countries, you have to wear yellow underwear if you want good luck in the new year.

Stop giggling, it’s a time honored tradition, how dare you.

No shots of me in my Peruvian prosperity undies, but here are a few other pictures and from the trip. We had a truly memorable time, and if you’re interested in exploring the rich culture of Peru this year, I’d be happy to let you know where to go (and just as importantly, where not to go). The turtle is 150 years old, her name is Juanita.

The First Last Word of 2018

All right, that’ll just about do it for 2018’s first installment of Brad’s Blog! I hope your year is getting off to the best start possible…I know your week is if you started here. Thanks as always for making time in your busy schedule for my periodic ramblings, now stand up and get limber for a few minutes…you’ll get used to it.

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