Feels Like the Future: Rollable TVs and Online Office

Saints and Sinners

I want to start out by congratulating our Los Angeles Rams on their upcoming trip to Atlanta for the Super Bowl! The game ended in somewhat controversial fashion–official seemed to forget he had a penalty flag at the worst possible time for the Saints–but hey, the referees didn’t blow a second half lead at home during the championship game so what can ya do.

With UCLA having a down year on the hardwood, the Lakers barely hanging on to their playoff hopes, and the Dodgers nearly idle in the offseason after a disappointing year, it’s good for the city to have something to cheer for. Time will tell whether the Rams can get through Brady and Co. to hoist the Lombardi Trophy, but the next couple of weeks in town should be especially fun.

Present Like a Pro

As anyone who has ever tried it knows, giving a speech isn’t as easy as it looks. When you’re trying to condense what can be an information-rich topic into quick little soundbites, it can be next to impossible to remember what to say, and more importantly, how best to say it.

Whether you’re planning on orchestrating a conference call or making a YouTube video, Teleprompt is an easy way to add polish to your presentation. What, you thought most people were actually memorizing these pretty pieces of prose?

The Slimmest Screens

If you missed the latest out of CES, boy did you miss a lot of sweet tech.

It´s barely the end of January, but I feel like it´s safe to say that this rollable TV will be one of the hottest gift holiday ideas this year. There’s no mistaking that we live in the future when you pull one of these bad boys out of your messenger bag during a layover. It even comes in a slightly less bendy wallpaper size so you can impress guests in the comfort of your own living room.

Please Do Not Insert Disk

The limitations of physical software as compared to connected options make themselves more than apparent in the latest Microsoft Office suite.

Office 365 delivers continuous updates and new features to users unlike its desktop-bound variant Office 2019, which is already attracting mixed reviews for its functionality. Still on the fence about whether to go digital? This feature from Windows Central goes over which version will give you what you need.

The Last Word

That should just about wrap things up for this week! Thanks as always for making time in your routine for this exceptional edition of ¨Brad´s Blog!¨ I´ll try to be back in your inbox on schedule next time around, but until then if you have anything compelling to chat about, don´t be shy about dropping me a line. Here’s to keeping our New Years´ Resolutions at least a few more days, January is almost over!

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