How Google is Keeping Out Hackers + Super Bowl (Party) MVP

Google vs Hackers

We talk a lot about the importance of two-factor authentication at Archway Computer. Many of us still forget passwords, pick weak ones and reuse passwords on multiple sites, and hackers take full advantage that. However, if you were among the 150 million people that Google required to use two-factor authentication last year, consider yourself lucky: The chance your account was hacked dropped by half. 


If you (still) haven’t set-up 2FA, now is the time! Feel free to reach out to me to learn more about why Multi-factor authentication can help protect both your personal and business accounts.


A Super Bowl of Dip

The Super Bowl is finally here! And whether you’re cheering on your favorite team, or prefer grazing at the snack table, this year’s all-American spectacle is bound to be a good one. I’ll be cheering on the Rams as they take the field at home in Los Angeles, which, everyone has to admit, is pretty cool. But whether your team has made it, or you even care about sports at all, everyone’s entitled to sit on the couch for four hours and eat their body weight in game day food.  

Which brings me to my first-ever Brad’s Blog Recipe: The Best-Ever Buffalo Chicken Dip. I’ll admit, this is not my recipe, (shoutout to my daughter’s boyfriend for kindly sharing it with my loyal readers) but, Super Bowl or not, I promise it will make you the MVP of any party.

Last-Minute Love

The day after the Super Bowl there’s another big event: Valentine’s Day! And if you’re yet to find a gift for that special someone, (or just realized Valentine’s day is on Monday!) here are some last-minute ideas that will arrive in time to celebrate your love this Feb. 14.

MasterClass: Perfect for the valentine who’s been itching to try something new this year, a MasterClass subscription gets you access to classes with world-famous artists, chefs, leaders and more. 

Love Coupons: With 15 unique coupon cards that range in sayings from “TV show of my choice” to “special request,” you’ll each be in for a treat. Not only do these coupons make for a cute gift, but it will aid in quality time with one another.

Apple AirPods Pro: Are headphones romantic? Not really. Will your special someone love them? Ask anyone at Team Archway and they will tell you, Yes!


The Last Word

I hope you are all enjoy getting back to your regularly-scheduled Brad’s Blog programming! As always, thank you for continuing to support the newsletter. All of your feedback about the things you’ve learned, products you’ve purchased, and generally geeking out with me is what keeps me going. Hope you all have a great weekend! Go Rams!

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