Korotkin Insurance Group: Amazon Web Services Migration


Since 1913, Korotkin Insurance Group has provided their customers with all lines of commercial, personal, and life, health and disability coverages. They pledge to continue to accord our customers with our attention in a timely, cost-effective and efficient manner in every aspect of customer contact.


Korotkin Insurance Group had been working with an ex-IT vendor that was not transparent with them. Their experience was very frustrating for both local and remote users, as it had performance and connectivity issues, as well as significant data center management concerns. Additionally, the environment previously setup by their IT provider was not optimally configured, aging, and very expensive to maintain. In short, it no longer suited their agency’s needs.


Archway Computer took over the management of the Korotkin Insurance Group’s technology in December 2020 and immediately helped develop a strategic plan to consolidate their system and migrate it to Amazon Web Services. Using AWS, Korotkin will be able to quickly scale up additional compute capacity with less cost and IT overhead than by adding to its own data center assets, while benefiting from built-in security features in AWS products that help their agency with compliance issues.


The Korotkin team has already begun enjoying a much greater technology experience by migrating to AWS. Because the new system is more flexible and secure, all employees now have the nimbleness to work from anywhere, without any speed or connectivity issues. All applications, including email, permanent spam, archiver features and their connections continue to be very stable. KIG has minimized their expenses by eliminating the need to purchase hardware and software.

Korotkin Insurance Group attributes their recent technology success to Archway Computer’s planning and execution to move them to AWS. They expressed faster responses to their current management platform, and a huge saving on their monthly expenses. They are grateful for the significant improvements to their technology that supports the productivity of their Agency. As their IT partner, Archway appreciates the Korotkin team’s willingness to go through this shift


“Start to finish has been a real pleasure working with Mike and he took the lead on the whole project. I would also like pat Orlando and Melvin on the back for a job well done! Orlando had the tedious task of connecting with all our users one by one to set them up with the AWS portal, which I know is not a small task. Fidel helped but Orlando was my point person and the response time was phenomenal, could not have asked for a better tech. Additionally, Melvin did a great job on the hand off to Archway on the O365 and is working to finalize our permanent spam and archiver features right now. I don’t want to forget about Dave who I think was helping setup our AWS network in the background last month.Just wanted you to wake up to a nice email this morning, as I wanted to applaud the Archway team effort. Really appreciate it.”
matt warsh Korotkin Insurance Group
Matt Warsh, CLCS
Korotkin Insurance Group

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