Life is Greater When You’re Grateful

Stocking Up, Taking Stock

I´m 54 years old here in 2020, and I´m still holding out hope for a better year than last. 53 was a challenging year in my personal life…among other bouts of adversity, my wife spent some time in the hospital and our home burned to the ground in the 2018 California wildfires.

Still, even with all the headlines about the only topic on Earth these days, I still find myself constantly grateful for what I have…whenever disaster strikes, I remind myself that as a modern day human being in a first world country, I have, experience, and enjoy more than did most people to ever live. I´ve a feeling something as simple as feeling the warm sun on your face on a leisurely walk to the farmer´s market is going to be a treat worth savoring in the coming months, and if that sort of thing is so delightfully contagious (which I certainly expect it to be, universal issues require universal reflection) there may be some good yet to come from these difficult and unfamiliar hours in human history.

Remote Work Revolution

In the meantime we´ll be working from home–always have, now we´re cool modern trendsetters–so not much has changed for us in the midst of the Great Office Exodus. I´ve been telling everyone who would listen to me long enough that remote work was the future of the modern office, and although I would have never guessed the big shift would happen so suddenly, it´s pretty hard to imagine most folks going back to commuting past their kitchens and wearing formal pants.

All jokes aside, as we discussed last week Big Tech is leading the way in the surprise remote work revolution, with industry titans such as Google, Microsoft, and Facebook all sending their employees home to cough on their laptops in private.

If you ask me, I think this is one of the necessary changes that sticks around after the crisis…other than mankind likely having the cleanest average hands of any species in the galaxy once this is over. I´m so excited about the possibilities of a truly mobile workforce that we would even be happy to help you get started pro bono…click here to get some free technical help directly from my secret underground lair, or if you’ve got a few free minutes this morning (of course you do) check out the ¨Brad´s Blog¨ YouTube channel for a detailed breakdown.

Budding Long-Term Relationships

If you´re trying to think of some nice indoor activities over the next month or so, it seems like a pretty good time to discover some new music or start following a podcast, yeah? Those are just two of the things on my to-do list, and when I eventually get around to it I´ll be wearing my Apple AirPod Pros…great sound and comfortable fit with excellent battery life, what more could you ask for?

Still, if you’re on the fence about committing to some brand new top of the line wireless headphones and want to see if there´s any more quality you could squeeze out of your current setup, consider giving Krisp a try. Krisp automatically removes background noise during calls and playback so you never have to look for a quiet room in a busy house again. Timely.

The Last Word 

Well, that´s about all we have for this week, but before I go I want to suggest something to those of us who might be having a tricky time adjusting to what appears to at least temporarily be the new normal: take a little break from watching the news every so often.

Obviously the smart move is always to stay aware and adjust accordingly, but constant anxiety can become a problem in and of itself…close that laptop, stretch for a few minutes…maybe light a scented candle, you’re worth it. Thanks as always for making time for ¨Brad’s Blog,¨ stay safe and keep it geeky!

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