Self (Employment) Quarantining: Setting Up Your New Home Office

No Place Like Home Office

If it´s all fake news, nobody told Facebook. Along with House Zuckerberg, a veritable Mount Rushmore of Big Tech–Google, Apple, Amazon and Microsoft–have announced in the last few days that the majority of their employees in their respective tech hubs will be working from home in the midst of the developing outbreak.

Even without the endemic incentive of late, 2020 seems like an especially great time to work from home (not that location-independent offices were huge back in 1918), with the tools of the modern Internet making it easier than a daily commute by a fair margin.

If you´re considering making the transition to location independence I strongly suggest taking advantage of Amazon Web Services….usually this is where I would launch into an extended introduction and breakdown with my signature enthusiasm and flair, but this time around I’ve saved it for a video conference call with me! You can sign up for it here.

Some Like it Hot

Speaking of getting your new guest room up and running, you can hardly call yourself a respectable organization if you can´t even muster up a decent cup of coffee in the morning, and along with springing for the premium roast and wisely selecting your house creamer (I recall hazelnut being a polarizing standard in one of my old offices) investing in a quality coffee cup is essential. 

As you well know, I´m a tech geek, and so if you´re like me the Ember smart mug is the pick…honestly, once I found out a temperature controlled coffee cup existed the decision was easy.

The Food Court Comes to You

When you´re in you new home office curating your contact list (or finally clearing out that Watch Later list), lunchtime is eventually going to roll around…but running down to the local SaladWorks kind of defeats the purpose of your healthy home office…what´s a hungry team leader to do?

Enter HelloFresh…not only is it amazing for people with dietary issues like my gluten sensitivity, it´s also an outstanding resource to help bunker offices like yours get their everyday shopping done.

The Last Word 

All jokes aside, it´s easy to get some anxiety worked up with all the crazy headlines–¨Dublin Cancels St. Patrick´s Day Parades¨ would give anyone a solid double-take–and as a germaphobe before it was cool, I admit to losing just a little sleep over the whole thing…at least, at first. Dr. Drew Pinsky, long noted for his public health platform, helped me feel a bit better about the latest outbreak…a little perspective is always good. You can view it here.

Well, that´s about all for this enlightening episode of ¨Brad´s Blog,¨thanks for taking a break from refreshing the WHO website to check out my weekly ramble. Here´s to a productive, fulfilling, and healthy week in your new home office (or anywhere else)!

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