Maintaining the Human OS

Championship Mentality

Mental health is finally starting to get the attention it deserves, and we’re a slightly better society for it. Whether you’re aware of it or not, odds are you know someone who struggles regularly with difficulties such as depression and anxiety that can make everyday life into an overwhelming experience. I recently had some loved ones come clean to me. 

We might think of celebrities and others who got relatively good draws in the Birth Circumstances Lottery as being immune to these conditions, but it’s important to remember they’re people just like any others.

That’s why I really appreciated this article by Kevin Love, NBA superstar and lifetime UCLA Bruin (Go Bruins!). Playing basketball with LeBron for a living is a great job, no doubt, but your career is far from the only part of your life–or at least, it should be.

In this thoughtful piece, the All-Star reflects on some of the very human experiences that don’t make SportsCenter…an outstanding reminder that maintaining a positive mindset is a concern for people in all walks of life.

Protect this House

If you’ve seen those compilation videos of ne’er-do-wells pilfering packages from the doorsteps of unsuspecting homeowners, you might be tempted to do what one PO’d Prime subscriber did and rig up an exploding booby trap box.

However, if you’re not an explosives specialist or fear possible legal reprisal, a good cheap security camera might be a good compromise. WyzeCam gives you a 1080p remote controlled smart camera that integrates with Alexa for just $30, so you can put one in just about every room of your home and watch them all.

Best case scenario, your cat does something amazing and it quickly pays for itself in endorsements.

The Next and Best from iOS

I haven’t shared an updated list of the best iPhone apps in a few months, which is approximately six years in iOS time. This fresh Lifehacker piece talks about some of 2018’s most essential apps for the original lifestyle device. One of the standouts for me so far is Fantastical 2, a calendar app that does a much better job with managing appointments and meetings than the native option.

The Last Word

RIght then, that’s a sufficient serving of geeky goodness for one week! Thanks as always for letting me slip by your spam filter with another exhilarating edition of “Brad’s Blog!” I’ll be back around once again in about a week’s time, but until then try to find one thing to be appreciative about each day…gratitude is an essential part of a healthy outlook.

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