NetVU Atlanta and Google Duplex

NetVU Accelerate Giveaway!

I hope you woke up feeling lucky this morning: it’s that special time of year again! The NetVU conference is upon us once more, and we’re giving away some truly sweet tech toys this time around: Apple Airbuds and Amazon Alexa Show! You don’t even have to attend to win!!

…but just in case you do plan on making an appearance at one of the industry’s biggest yearly events, you can enter online AND at our booth to double your chances to win. You might even take home both prizes if the Universe is really smiling on you this week.

NetVU is always an exciting event, especially emanating from a great city like Atlanta but I’m looking forward just as much to meeting some of you in person while I’m in town. If you’d like a little face time with The Maestro, click here to schedule an appointment…he might even buy you a drink.

The Maestro is me, by the way.

This Segment Was Written by a Human

Technology is getting a lot smarter, and doing it in a hurry. The latest innovation from the folks at Google is undeniable proof of this, with Google Assistant Duplex rapidly becoming the personal helper you never knew you needed. Want to book a restaurant reservation, go for a haircut, maybe just order a pizza? Your Google Assistant can make the call and iron out all the details.

Of course, the flip side to this next-level AI advancement is pretty apparent to anyone who has watched Netflix’s “Black Mirror,” spiritual successor to “The Twilight Zone.” The emerging AI age brings with it all sorts of ethical concerns, and this piece from CNET highlights some of the more…compelling aspects of AI proliferation.

Aftermarket Browser Upgrades

I always like to share any new browser extensions that make my life a little easier, and one of the apps I’ve recently come to appreciate is called Clockshark. Clockshark helps me increase the efficiency of my remote helpers by tracking their time and location while on the clock with a convenient online dashboard. Try it for 14 days and see if it’s a good resource for your team.

Building a great company starts with the best talent, and Lever is a useful resource in the hiring process. Lever simplifies the hiring process, allowing our recruiting department to make smarter decisions and keep the most qualified applicants on our radar.

Also, if you’ve committed to a browser–I always suggest Chrome–you might want to get Station. Station combines all those fantastic little extensions you’ve collected over the life of your laptop into one streamlined tool. It’s great for cleaning up all the clutter in that menu.

The Last Word

Thanks for clicking in to another exceptional edition of “Brad’s Blog!” Don’t forget to enter our great giveaway to celebrate NetVU Atlanta, and if you find yourself in the Peach State this week, why don’t y’all come on down to the conference and say hi!

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