Your Friends, For Sale

The True Value of You

They say the user is the product in any service that is both free and convenient, and Facebook in particular makes a fortune in leveraging the data you directly and indirectly provide. As the man behind the plan himself said with a satisfied smirk in a congressional hearing “We sell ads, Senator.”

In retrospect, we should probably count our blessings that the intent of advertisers up until recently has always been to reprogram us to buy stuff instead of something more nefarious, given how effective the methods are and well it has proven to work.

Sign Off With Style

How do you punctuate a professional email? “Thanks?” Not always appropriate. “Regards?” Sort of sounds like a summons or notice of foreclosure. “Yours?” Maybe a little forward if you haven’t even had a second date.

If you find yourself staring at your keyboard wondering how to sign off for longer than it took to compose the message, this list of 70 different options for filling the space in between the main message and your signature line might be a lifesaver.

Moving Forward with InCite

As we’re almost all aware, the agency community is about merging and being acquired. InCite Performance Group specializes in taking agencies to the next level, and I’m proud to say Archway is a featured partner. In fact, I’’ll be in Vegas for the annual conference, so if you’d like more info on what the group does and how they do it, just give this a click.

Hey, you wanna waste a little time, possibly make a few dollars to spend on that Amazon wish list? My son was telling me about this game called Fortnite that the kids–and a staffer at Time–are using to make some pretty serious pocket change, like 500k a month in some cases.

If you are one of the many former children whose parents and teachers told them that there was no future in playing video games, spite can be an excellent driver of financial success…just ask dissatisfied ex-Ferrari customer Ferrucio Lamborghini.

The Last Word

All right scouts, that’s about all we have on the docket for this week! Thanks as always for carving out a chunk of your busy day for this compelling installment of “Brad’s Blog!” Look out for next week’s edition, where I crow about all the fantastic devices I purchased from the Internet with my video game income and why this future we have here is so great.

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