Physical Anti-Virus for the CoronaVirus

Analog Antivirus

There’s no competition for the big story this week: the coronavirus outbreak is going viral like few other events of the social media age. 

For now, things should be something like fine as far as I understand it.

The vast majority of people to be diagnosed with the illness recover–check out this Guardian piece to satisfy any morbid curiosity you may have about suffering through it–you but with the rapid transmission of the coronavirus, there’s never been a better time to hear your mother’s stern but loving voice echoing through the hallways of your memory:


That’s right, a thorough scrub of the mitts on a regular basis throughout the day has been identified as a primary line of defense against the transmission of coronavirus (and general cooties, as you also likely learned as a child), and CNN has prepared a comprehensive breakdown of the latest techniques in pandemic-level hand washing protocol.

Supply In Demand

In a related story, the n95 filtration mask has become a household name over the past few weeks. Even though most people will never need one under any circumstances, they’ve been flying off of every brick and mortar shelf the Northern Hemisphere as well as a consistently sold out product on Amazon.

Listen, I totally get why people are a bit anxious about this whole thing.  read all the same news stories you did as well as everything I just wrote…there is some cause for concern, especially if you are committed to not washing your hands for some reason. 

Still, as this Lifehacker feature points out, with a worldwide shortage in medical-grade filtration masks (and some expected availability hiccups thanks to quarantines affecting production and shipping) might be best to leave those masks in stock for those who actually need them…like, say, a doctor in Wuhan.

Phone Plan Preppers

If you’re thinking about maybe spending a little more time indoors with everyone screaming and running around in circles these days, you’ll need to stay in contact with the outside world somehow…why not do it for less?

This website makes it easy to find an unbeatable price on services by comparing dozens of options to find the best option for you, and savings can go right into the hand sanitizer budget…that phone of yours is filthy, you know.

The Last Word 

All right, that should just about do it for this intently interested installment of “Brad’s Blog!” Thanks as always for making space on your agenda for a few minutes with your good buddy Brad…cheers until next time, remember to wash your hands!

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