Remember When Flying Was Fun?

Head In the Clouds

You know, flying commercial is often an experience in and of itself, but I’ve always secretly fantasized about owning a private jet.

It just seems like the most convenient way to go about one’s travels…think about it. No cramped seats. No spending an entire flight with my carry-on under my feet because some tiny regional puddle-hopper ran out of headroom. No more terminal confrontations with airline CEOs (at least, I think not).

As far as that dream goes, I’m still a couple bucks short on the down payment on that Learjet 60, but thanks to Jetsmarter, I can at least get a little of the private jet experience. Jetsmarter is a pretty cool new service that connects its users with unused seats on private flights and idle jets traveling all over the world.

It’s another cool optimization of resources driven by technology and a great option for trips where I’d rather not start out by spending 5 hours in LAX.

Dazzling Data

Okay, so we all love infographics, right? Right. They’re the ideal combination of form, functionality and flash.

It’s like taking scores of vegetable-flavored numbers that no one really wants to digest and turning it into sweet, addictive data candy. Even the name reflects the confident efficiency of the concept…it’s an informative graphic.

I know I think infographics are just great, and if you’ve always wanted to impress friends and colleagues alike with your own slick and stylish information presentation, then check out

A Little Airtime

That podcast I talked about a bit ago is still in the works—believe me, nobody will let me forget—but for now if you want to hear my unparalleled brilliance instead of reading it, check out this interview I recently did with Michael Jans, founder and executive chair over at Agency Revolution.

We had a good conversation about the kind of technology solutions agents and brokers should be using and other meandering wisdoms…it was interesting, thanks again for having me guys.

The Last Word

All right, that’s about all I’ve got for this week but before I go…it’s Valentine’s Day! You thought I forgot, didn’t you? Your Edible Arrangements fruit flowers should be on their way to your office, but I used USPS so who knows. As always, I appreciate you taking time early in your week for another exciting edition, hope to be in your inbox next time around!

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