This Email May Be Habit-Forming

Thanks, Tommy

Just in case there are any Atlanta Falcons supporters in my readership, don’t take this personally…I even waited a day to say this out of respect. Still, I have to say, seeing the Patriots rally from a 25 point deficit to win their 5th Super Bowl was one of the most exciting things I’ve ever seen.

Now, I wouldn’t exactly call myself a Patriots fan…it’s hard not to respect their legacy overall, but pro sports as a whole really don’t do it for me. As Jerry Seinfeld observed, we are just rooting for laundry. I did, however, have money on the game, and that certainly made things interesting.

Imagine my excitement as what I had written off the price of a good time around the time of Lady Gaga’s halftime show slowly became a nice little reward for sitting through 4 hours of commercials. Speaking of which, there weren’t many real gems this year, but if you want a recap of the standouts, check out this video.

So, How’s that Resolution Going?

They say it takes 21 days to form a new habit, which means reshaping your behavior is really just about sticking to your commitment. Of course, that’s not as easy as it sounds, as anyone who has been losing that extra 15 pounds for almost as many years can attest. Still, the fact remains that tracking your efforts and progress is a reliable source of motivation, and a habit tracker app can go a long way toward forcing yourself to be a better person.

Fight for Your Right

At Archway, we don’t do hardware…we’re strictly about what goes on inside your computer. Still, we take pride in our comprehensive network services, which means we certainly understand the importance of having the right computer components.

We always encourage our clients to take advantage of any available extended warranties on their parts, because even though HP does offer onsite repair, getting replacement parts in a timely fashion can be a real challenge.

A lot of the reason the whole thing is more complicated than it has to be is because of a concept called “right to repair,” which doesn’t exist in every state. What can I say, short sighted as it was, the founding fathers weren’t really thinking about your laptop fan.

“Right to repair” laws essentially force manufacturers to supply their parts to independent service providers and regular folks like us instead of monopolizing the process, and I have to say it’s a step in the right direction for the industry. I’m really not sure how they managed that deal in the first place.

Rendering Unto Ceasar

Tax season is well upon us, and one of the few things I don’t procrastinate on is getting them done and out of my hair. Of course, I use the services of an accountant—combination of complicated entrepreneurial tax code and all-American laziness—but if you prepare your own  taxes, this article highlights some useful programs that can help.

The Last Word

That’s good for one edition, wouldn’t you say? If I haven’t worn out my weekly welcome in your inbox, feel free to shoot me an email, but in  any event thanks so much for making time early in your week for me. I’ll be back on schedule next week, which is about enough time for you to start picking up a positive new habit, isn’t it?

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