Robins Insurance

About the Client:

Robins Insurance is a full-service independent insurance agency in Nashville, TN and surrounding areas. They specialize in personal insurance for affluent households, condo building insurance, property manager insurance, contractor insurance, restaurant insurance, brewery insurance and trucking insurance.

Challenges Prior to Working with Archway Computer:

Robins Insurance had historically used a local IT vendor for all of their IT needs. The vendor met their needs hardware-wise, for the most part, but when it came to any issues/enhancements/upgrades with Robins’ management system, (AMS360, all Vertafore products), it was a hassle to be the “in-between-person” for Vertafore and the vendor. There was a learning curve that was not really accomplished because Robins’ local vendor’s support team were not insurance industry knowledgeable.

Benefits of Working with Archway Computer:

Initially, the largest benefit that Robins felt when working with Archway Computer was their knowledge and experience of the insurance industry, AMS360 specific requirements and functionality, and the way they took over and managed Robins’ relationship with Vertafore support. Archway was very helpful in getting Robins users’ current with systems that were efficient and accomplished the speed that their agency required. Archway also functioned as valuable consultants as Robins evaluated bringing on additional management system applications and peripherals.

How the New Technology Positively Impacted the Robins Employees:

Reduced stress for leadership team when deploying new hardware/software/applications. Reduced stress for team members due to the timely resolution/solution to issues. The ability to access a resource for IT who knows Robins business, practices, procedures and works so closely with their management system vendor.

Client Remarks

“As the person responsible for IT, implementing softwares, etc., I have no worries about handing any project over to Archway. Their techs are courteous, prompt, thorough and detailed. They have also been excellent at educating me as they move forward on any implementation plan like moving our local server to AWS. They explained how and why the entire process would happen, why it had to be done as it was, the issues that may arise during the process, etc. Brad has put together a great team; from the sales and phone support, to the techs we have access to every day. Thank you!”

Kristi Green
Finance & Organizational Development
Robins Insurance Agency, Inc.

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