The Liberty Company Insurance Brokers: Strategic Technology Partnership With Archway


The Liberty Company was founded in 1987 and is licensed to operate in all 50 states. It has grown consistently by attracting talented and entrepreneurial people into an energetic and collaborative culture which focuses on our colleagues happiness, well being, and growth,


When Roy ‘Caz’ Caswell took over the IT leadership for Liberty Co insurance brokers, one of the primary challenges he faced was a lack of faith and trust in the relationship with their company’s former managed service provider. He was finding that there were instances where the MSP was reporting problems as being resolved, yet upon investigation he learned that the problems had merely been covered up. This lack of trust and faith in the delivery of services was a fundamental reason for his seeking of a replacement managed service provider. Also, The Liberty Co insurance brokers had embarked on a trajectory for rapid growth and expansion, so it quickly became clear that the former managed service provider was not going to be able to scale and support their larger organization with the level of service required.


Archway was and continues to be able to offer recommendations for enhancements to Liberty Co’s delivery of services for their end users that were not possible with the former managed service provider. Liberty is thrilled to have a dedicated team of first tier support specialists from Archway who not only have gotten to know their employees, but also have been able to build strong relationships with them. The result is a consistently high level of service that has been exceeding their expectations.


While Liberty has not made any significant changes or modifications to their foundational technologies, the leadership and systems administration team at Archway is able to consistently provide optimization recommendations and advice which help to keep their technology operating most efficiently.

Client Remarks

“I value and appreciate the collaboration with Archway’s team of technologists, and with Chris Sotak in particular. We have similar problem solving methodologies and mesh well together. I also enjoy working with Brad Ruben and look forward to doing so for many years.

Our strategic relationship with Archway Computer allows us to continue our rapid growth and expansion trajectory without concern for whether our technology needs will be met. They continue to deliver exemplary service and support for our growing environment across the country.”
Roy 'Caz' Caswell
EVP, Chief Information Officer
The Liberty Company Insurance Brokers

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