Secretly Saving the World

What Do I Think I’m Doing?

In case you didn’t know, this newsletter is a labor of love…any extra exposure or new clients we pull in by rambling about the wonders of the modern world are just a bonus.

Another thing we love doing that more directly keeps the lights on around there is developing tech insights for agencies, which is why we’ve been at it for the last 31 years.

You see, I’m just a tinkerer at heart…Erector sets were some of my favorite toys coming up because it was always a challenge to see if I could build exactly what I needed…a moon tank for the Green Army’s latest mission, a steel cage for Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em grudge matches…and I apply that same mindset to everything we do here at Archway.

I won’t lie, it can be something a tall task keeping the networks and digital resources of today stable and secure, especially when more people than ever are committed to doing the opposite.

That’s why we’re committed to delivering targeted tech services that our clients rely on to serve their clients. I envision it sort of like being Q to your James Bond.

Anyway, I suppose that’s enough about my childhood fantasies for one segment, so you can read more about what we do here, and if you want to take advantage of our free system review, you’re certainly invited to do that as well.

Mixed Messages

Be honest…your email isn’t anywhere near as efficient as it should be. How much time do you waste every morning scrolling through your 79 new messages to find the 4 you actually need to read or clicking refresh on your Facebook feed waiting on a reply to one you’ve sent?

If you’re like most, it’s more than you’ll admit to so let’s just skip to the solutions.

YesWare is a powerful email tracking tool that lets you know when your email was opened and where the recipient was on the globe, as well as what kind of device was used to open it. Great tool for measuring the impact of your outreach if you’re doing, say, a weekly newsletter.

Outlook is notorious for email overload since odds are you have, did, or will use it at work, and Sanebox is an option for keeping things tight.

Sanebox learns your reading habits over time and organizes emails by importance, “fate of the world” messages displayed prominently and staff summer vacation schedules and the like separated so you can just get to them whenever.

For later versions of Outlook,there’s Clutter, which  is a native Office utility that similarly prioritizes messages so you can spend less time reading email and more time browsing Amazon doing your job.

Smarter Suitcases

I’m always interested in smart luggage, and if you haven’t been sold on them yet, Bluesmart Series 2 is here to make its case, do you see what I did there.

In any event, this smart luggage is packed with features you didn’t know you needed, like a handle that automatically weighs the contents when lifted, an internal GPS for when the airline flies you to Phoenix and your bags to Portland, remote locking feature and a distance alert that ensures you never leave your stuff on a shuttle again.

Oh, and it’ll also charge your devices up to 6 times, because it wasn’t cool enough already. If you’re interested in the luggage I imagine Elon Musk carries, you can get a discount in the prelaunch by putting your email in here.

Alternate AppleID Access

Did you know you can manage your AppleID online? Not many people do, I like to bring it up at parties. You can change the email addresses and phone numbers linked with your account, add or change your trusted phone number for two factor authentication, change your password, shipping info and more…it’s true, I swear.

The Last Word

Seems like a good place to wrap things up, so I want to take some time as always to thank you for making time for the latest installment of “Brad’s Blog” today. I’ll be back on schedule next week as you doubtless know, so if you’re going to take any of those email filtration tips be sure to put this one on the highest priority.

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