Super Internet Safe Mode

It’s Not Stalking, It’s Market Research!

If you’ve ever wondered how those ads on websites get so suspiciously specific, it probably won’t surprise you to learn that it’s based on tracking your web history.

It’s somewhere in the chasm between creepy and convenient, and if it falls closer to the former for you, Incognito Mode might be the answer. Incognito Mode is good for everything from lowering the number of really weird ads you get after googling something for research purposes to bypassing paywalls at sites like the LA Times without a subscription.

I’m sure you can think of other uses for a secret untracked browsing session as well, and all you have to do is hit (Ctrl+Shift+N) to access, not that I have it on speed dial or anything. This article at Gizmodo goes into more detail about covering your tracks online, just in case you’re feeling stealthy today.

Honeymoon’s Over

Does it seem like a while since a new iPhone debuted? I know it does to me, especially since my “old” 7-series doesn’t seem to hold a charge like it did in ancient times over 6 months ago. If you’re like me and are keen for the next generation of iOS devices, here’s a nice bundle of juicy rumors to make you hate your outdated smartphone even more.

Scouting the Surface

I continue to be impressed with the enduring popularity of the MS Surface after the product line’s fairly inauspicious start. They’re everywhere at the various conventions I find myself at, and I even find myself coveting the latest version for my own from time to time.

Microsoft is doing something pretty interesting for lovers of the Surface platform, rolling out a subscription service that allows owners to pay for their device on a monthly basis as well as upgrading to the latest model periodically.

My Surface fever is definitely getting worse, especially with more info coming out about the newest version of the hybrid laptop-tablet. Do I need another computer? Probably not, but half the reason I got into tech was to justify the constant purchase of shiny new gadgets.

An Infinite Attic

Of course, that means that I have a lot of dusty old obsoletes lying around, and lack of storage space is a pretty common issue for those of us who do not own warehouses.

That’s why I think a service like Clutter is a great idea…they’ll come pick up all your junk and store at a facility near you, then when you decide you want it back, they’ll deliver it to your door. Perfect.

The Last Word

Well, that seems like a good place to put a bookmark in things for the week. Thanks again for taking the time on this idle Tuesday for another riveting episode of “Brad’s Blog.” You can expect to hear from me again in six days’ time, but don’t be shy about shooting me an email if you want to chat before then!

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