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    Shield your business.

    Hackers like easy targets. Make sure your agency doesn’t become one. Protect your employees, your customers and your data with SecureSurf®.

    Web & Network Protection

    It only takes one click! It’s no longer a question of if you will encounter Web-based malware, but when. A staggering number of new Web-borne threats are unleashed throughout the Internet every day, infecting thousands of networks that lead to untold financial and data loss. The only way to effectively protect your network from these evolving threats is through a multi-layered, adaptive solution like SecureSurf® from AppRiver.

    SecureSurf doesn’t just protect you from inbound attacks. It constantly monitors outbound traffic and will send you Automatic Threat Notifications instantly via email or SMS if a Botnet, Key Logger, or some other malicious program is attempting to send out information from within your network. This feature is extremely important for businesses that have limited time and resources for network monitoring.

    SecureSurf cloud-based Web protection service doesn’t require any onsite hardware and is continuously updated (over 2,500 times a day) to shield your network and employees from all known and suspected attack types. It won’t slow down your browsing experience; in fact, your users won’t even know its running unless they happen upon a dangerous Web site. With SecureSurf you get the protection your business needs without the complexity and cost of other Web-security services.