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    I would like to introduce the newest member of our team, Matt Slade. Matt has worked with agencies over the past 15 years in technology making him a great addition to the team!

    Matt specializes in VoIP solutions as well as internet connectivity. We are adding these two exciting options to our consulting. We now can offer any national VoIP provider in the US for the lowest price contractually. Since we are not tied to any specific vendor, we can make sure that you’re getting the right solution at the best price.

    Some of the features that agents can now take advantage of:

    • Screen Pop – when a client dials in it will pull up their file
    • eFax
    • Texting to clients
    • Call Tracking and management
    • Marketing lines – assign specific numbers for internet campaigns to monitor success
    • Mobility! – automagically send calls to mobile devices or when events such as the times we’re going through now, will route to any phone you choose
    • Plus many more…

    We are happy to talk to you and assess your needs free of charge. We are confident this will be a great addition to your agency, while saving you money! Click here 

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