Simply Easier Payments + Surviving Spam Call Season

Insurance Hacks #5 with Simply Easier Payments

Join us today at 12:00PM PT I 3:00PM ET for Episode #5 of Insurance Hacks with featured guest: Bradley Whitley-Williams, President of Simply Easier Payments!

From invoicing and reporting, to accepting all customer payment types, Simply Easier Payments is the leading NO-cost payment solution partner for the Insurance market, providing industry specific security, compliance and integration solutions. Today, they help thousands of customers deliver safe and reliable payment processing.

In our conversation, we’ll be discussing payment trends impacting Insurance Agencies, how to design your best customer payment experience, helpful tips for premium trust and PCI compliance, and much more. Be sure to register for what is sure to be an extremely informative conversation!


Robo-Call Refuge

I don’t know about you all, but recently I have been bombarded with more robocalls and spam texts than ever before. Similar to robocalls, robotexts can be “spoofed” to hide the originating number and make it appear that the text is coming from a number the recipient is more likely to trust, including a local area code or impersonating a government agency like the IRS.


And the FCC says I’m not alone: Americans received 24 billion of those nuisance calls in the first half of this year. t’s becoming such a nuisance that it is even changing our call-answering behavior, with 79% of unidentified calls going unanswered


Our advice? For starters, registering your number with the Federal Trade Commission’s Do Not Call Registry is worth it. This act removes you from most legitimate telemarketing lists, but it won’t deter the nuisance calls. For extra protection, you can try a service scubas HiyaRobokillerCallControlFirewall, and Truecaller. All have free and paid versions and use a database of known scammers and harvest customer feedback to identify new bad actors.


Will implementing all of these tactics prevent robocalls/texts? Maybe for a little bit, but probably not forever. So in the meantime, never respond to/click links in suspicious texts, and let those unknown caller ID’s go to voicemail.


Cord Coordination

If you’re like me and are a sucker for new tech gadgets, (or simply a good deal on products you don’t really need), your space may be looking a cord-jungle as of late. Here are some of my favorite organizational items to help keep all my favorite products and accompanying cords tidy, accessible, and easy to find:


Cord Labels: This pack of cable labels that’ll help you finally sort your mess of cords and figure out what’s what the next time you need to unplug something. They hook and loop, so you can take them off easily and re-use them.


Cord Management Box: If you want to keep those cables even more organized, this cable cover will hide all of those unsightly power bars that stress me out way more than they should. The slotted box will help ventilate any heat, plus it’ll prevent your curious children/pets from fiddling with the outlets.


Monitor Stand Riser with 4 USB Ports: For the ultimate work-space organization, check out this sleek aluminum monitor riser with four handy USB ports to keep your devices charged without the clutter. It’ll also help create a space to store your keyboard and give you a better viewing angle.


The Last Word

Thank you for reading another edition of Brad’s Blog! As always, please feel free to reach out with any questions, feedback, or topics you think would be useful for this awesome audience. Be sure to register for today’s Insurance Hacks Webinar if you haven’t already, and I hope you enjoy the rest of your week!



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