Social Distancing Archway Style

To Social Distancing’s Early Adopters

¨Social distancing¨ has become enshrined in the pop culture vocabulary of 2020 and beyond, but any nerd knows that we were doing it way before it went mainstream….so when my daughter came up with the concept for the shirt you see, I immediately ordered one for all of Team Archway…but I didn´t think it was fair to keep all the style and social media likes for ourselves…and that´s why we made it so you can get one of your very own!

Not only is this shirt an ideal attire choice for all the hottest and most exclusive video conferences of the season, ALL SALE PROCEEDS will go to the Feeding America program, so you can look good, have a laugh, and help the most vulnerable people in our country keep food on their tables through this unprecedented challenge. That´s a nice little bundle of wins.

Is There Such a Thing as Home School School?

It’s been a while since my last PTA meeting, but I can only imagine what it’s like to have school-age children sitting around the house just waiting to be educated, as kids do…it’s like some kind of endless snow day (or at least what this Southern California boy hears that snow days were like on the TV).

The students themselves may not mind the free time too much, but if you´re looking for a way to salvage some semblance of schooling between now and the usual end of the academic year, Rosetta Stone has stepped to the plate with a sweet offer. 

The language learning resource is offering free student access to its online tools for 3 months, and since your 3rd grader is probably going to slack off at some point in the next 90 days, it’s a good opportunity for you to pick up a few phrases as well, n´est-ce pas?

A Cavalcade of Concerts

While we can–and will–try to make the best of it, in some cases the reality of the current crisis is always evident. Particularly here in the LA area, the concert and festival season would typically be in full swing by the end of April, but with Mayor Garcetti recently making the pronouncement that Angelenos should probably not expect to amass anytime soon, it´s safe to say that this is not a typical year.

On the bright side, it is definitely cool to see big-time artists and creators still looking for ways to keep their fans engaged through these strange days, and this list of upcoming livestreams is proof that is we absolutely have to pick a time to be locked inside indefinitely, the Internet age isn´t the worst choice. Featured artist range from Snoop Dogg to the Grateful Dead and pretty much everyone in between, so you´re bound to find something worth a click and listen.

The Last Word 

All right, that´s about all for this week, but before I go I want to thank everyone reading this for taking the time to do so…it´s great to know I still have an audience with all this competition. I´ll be checking in with you in a few days, keep an eye on your inbox, but if you have something worth sharing for the next episode, a reader email always puts a smile on my face so shoot one over anytime!

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