The Best Ability is Adaptability

Reconnecting with Zoom

The ability to work around our current circumstances and try to enjoy our ride around the Sun no matter what is a skill set that can prove useful in many facets of life…and so it was really encouraging to see so many friendly faces during our happy hour last Saturday.
25 of us showed up and it was actually a great time…humans are, after all, social creatures, and a little upbeat interaction can go a long way toward keeping up morale in a difficult and unpredictable time. I find myself even more sold on Zoom…it´s free to sign up, but the premium features are worth the investment.

Advantage: Wimbledon

These days pretty much everybody in the business is having to write half a billion emails daily explaining to clients that their standard policy doesn’t cover pandemics…it’s just not something most people think about on a day to day basis the way they might a fire or flood.

Most people, that is.
As one of the rare exceptions, the guy responsible for procuring insurance for Wimbledon apparently deserves a raise. That´s right, back during the SARS scare about 20 years ago, this person displayed a singular level of foresight in asking a single profound question: ¨hmm, but what if no tennis because pandemic?¨

And so, after what I imagine was many long conversations with the High Council of Wimbledon (made that up, but I said ¨I imagine¨), the tournament was insured against a global medical crisis at the cost of 2 million USD yearly.
Oh, how the other sports must have laughed…and then 2020 rolled around and foresight paid off to the tune of $141,000,000. 

Even the least mathematical among us can see a good bit of daylight between less than 40 million and almost 150 million, so kudos to Wimbledon Insurance Guy (WIG is what they call him… OK, I made that up too).

Hit the Couch Running – With Angela Adams

To say that the tools of the Internet will be essential managing the workplace of the near future is like observing that an advanced alien technology ¨runs on some sort of electricity.¨
You´re not wrong, it´s just that there’s a fair bit of missing information.
Fortunately we have people in the industry like Angela Adams–of Angela Adams Consulting, of course–to help fill in the gaps. She made this video full of actionable information about making a smooth transition to the offsite office, including helpful tips on managing a remote workforce.

The Last Word 

Well, that´s about all for this week! Thanks as always for taking the time to check out this essential edition of ¨Brad´s Blog¨…with so many options for how you spend your time now, I´m honored that you spent a little with me. Until next time, stay safe!

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