Video Vigilance and 14K Chairs

Video Vigilance

It’s amazing how the Internet and the proliferation of WiFi have transformed the face of home security. Where once it was a planned Saturday afternoon of watching a burly stranger come into your home and weave a web of wires, now it’s a simple matter of mounting a few cameras, possibly downloading an app. You can do it on a school night if you want.

What I really like about modern home security solutions is that you can monitor them from your smartphone–you know, that thing you take everywhere ever–and some, like the Amazon Cloud Cam that CNET took a look at recently, give you unlimited storage for surveillance as if 1080p recording and instant motion activated notifications weren’t impressive enough.

Centered Operations

Speaking of applications, it seems like everyone relies on at least a dozen to get through a typical day of emails and agendas scored to the correct personalized soundtrack. Enter Zapier, a convenient corralling resource that gives me the notifications I need the moment I need them.

Users can set up triggers to alert them when they’ve received a new email or an important attachment, or even set up a default action sequence. For instance, an email containing a Dropbox attachment can be set up to automatically add the file, then notify you of the update in a team collaboration tool like Slack. Slick and seamless, that’s the way we do it around here.

My Dollars At Work

While I wait impatiently for my new iPhone X to hit the doorstep–it’s been 10 whole days, that’s about seven weeks in tech time–I can at least admire the level of intelligent design that Apple has integrated into their latest non-digital installation.

Even the chairs that commonly decorate public spaces at the shiny new campus somehow cost 14 grand apiece, which I’m sure they can afford since I have likely financed one for them personally.


You know that feeling of satisfaction you get when you turn the key in your ignition and nothing happens?

Right, no one does.

I myself have an old workhorse of a truck that runs fine once she gets going, but sometimes decides not to cooperate after an extended break…since I travel often, it became a big problem.

At least, it was before I discovered this nifty little lifesaver. It’s basically like that little portable battery pack you may have seen the most prepared person you know carrying, except, you know, it can recharge your car. It also powers up motorcycles and boats on a moment’s notice, in case you are Actually James Bond.

Even better, despite the surprising amount of packaged lightning cranked out by this capable little unit, it still tucks neatly into the glove compartment of your modified Aston Martin (or any car, really) and yes, it will also charge your phone and other small electronic devices.

Honestly, it’s worth the purchase just so you can say you have it.

The Last Word

All right, that’s about all I have for this week of high tech shenanigans. Thanks for taking time early in your week to engage with another compelling installment of “Brad’s Blog.” You can likely expect me right on schedule next time around, but until then I’m going to go instigate some bar bets with this crazy little power pack thingy.

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