Is It Really November Already?

‘Tis (Almost) the Season

Okay fine, I’ve seen the public service announcements…it’s a few weeks too early to be scouting for Christmas and Hanukkah gifts. We have to let Thanksgiving have its’ turn, it is holiday law.

Still, I’m always encountering neat little gadgets that make everyday life just a bit more convenient, and those typically make the best presents because although almost no one actually buys a programmable coffee cup or high end ice ball maker for themselves, just about everyone would be happy to receive gifts in that category.

In short, somebody on my shopping list is going to find a everyday magic under their tree again this year. One of the products I’ve fallen in love with lately is this water jet flosser from Waterpik, which has singlehandedly taken the results of gum checkups at my dental evaluations from “bad” to “good.” Now that’s making a difference.

The other indispensable essential that someone can expect to share my enthusiasm for this holiday season is this handy electric trimmer from Braun. As you can imagine, my lifestyle of running through airports, shaking hands, and kissing babies doesn’t leave me a lot of time for a meticulously close shave each day, but with this great foil shaver I can get one anyway.

Perfect Your Proposal

If preparing proposals is a big part of what you do, you know how important making an impression is…and how tedious the process of turning out a winning product can be. That’s why I’ve taken a liking to a resource called Proposify, which streamlines the production of a quality proposal so you can keep your team on task and close deals faster.

Workforce Multiplier

As far as in-agency communications go, there’s never been a broader array of options. From the traditional emails of our forefathers to tools fully integrated with some of the latest agency management systems. Still, with resources like Slack and Hipchat enabling you to instantly share and review contracts, budgets, schematics and other documents from mobile devices as well as from a desktop, you can make your 5 member team feel like 50…in the good way.

Island in the Sun

If you ever find yourself on the isle of Maui–yearly vacation, game show prize, favorable drop-off point post alien abduction–I can confidently recommend a dinner cruise on the AlliNui.

Not only is the boat absolutely gorgeous–it is Hawai’i, you know–but they also offer an amazing array of activities from snorkeling and diving in the crystal blue waters surrounding the island to sailing excursions that take you out amongst the splendors of the open Pacific.

I recently took a vacation there with my 80 year old mother and she had the time of her life. We took some great photos as keepsakes, but none of us will forget our memorable visit to Maui anytime soon.

The Last Word

All right, well that seems like a good place to leave things for the week. Thanks as always for making time in your work week boot sequence for another captivating installment of “Brad’s Blog!” I’ll likely be back in your inbox within 6 days or so, but if you miss me too much in the meantime or want to chat about the best things in life, drop me an email!

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