What’s New at Archway? Pretty Much Everything

Archway’s Newest Addition

Hello and welcome to another riveting installment of “Brad’s Blog!” I want to kick things off this week by extending a warm welcome to our newest team member, SueAnn Priem. SueAnn is Archway’s first professional salesman which means she’s great with both people and tech, so if you want to say hi to her you can send her an email,  visit her Facebook page or give her line a buzz at 888-361-9995 x11.  Welcome to the band, SueAnn!

Company Facelift

In case you didn’t hear about it last week, a new logo and revamped webpage for us is also coming very soon. Being prettier never hurt anyone, right? The new visual campaign should be up and running very soon, and you know you’ll know about it as soon as it is. We put a lot of work into this little refresh, and I can’t wait to hear what you think.

CES Roundup

Naturally, dedicated technophiles like myself and many of you eagerly anticipate the menagerie of great gadgets that come from the yearly CES expo, and this year’s crop was especially compelling. The innovation that claimed top honors at the event was the MyMotiv activity tracker ring, a device that essentially takes the best parts of the smartwatch technology that some people find clunky and intrusive and slims it down to a attractive band available in a number of finishes. It’s like being married to the future, which I imagine myself as being anyway.

Of course, there were plenty of remarkable runners-up as well. My personal favorite was the next small step in the evolution of the television, a product I’m hearing LG refer to as a “Wallpaper TV.” That imaginative description isn’t actually all that far from the truth, as the display is designed to be mounted with a thickness of less than half an inch and screen sizes start at 65”. It goes without saying that everyone will probably have one in a couple of years, and I sure won’t be the last person on my block with one.

Is Your Data Dull?

For most people, a visual presentation is a way to make huge chunks of eye-glazing data into something more easily digestible for someone who hasn’t had their first cup of coffee. Espatial is a neat resource for generating detailed and engaging renderings from data sets such as customers and leads, and we use it frequently here. If Espatial sounds like what you’re looking for, you can learn more at the website and if  you still can’t quite see how it fits into the big picture, check out a view of our customers here.

The Mindful Mogul

I’ll have my ministry of research confirm this figure, but I recently read something that says that approximately 4 out of 5 highly successful entrepreneurs take time out of their morning routine for a very important piece of mental maintenance: focused meditation.

Now, I’m not necessarily talking about trying to levitate over a mandala mat as you sit cross-legged amongst a thick fog of incense smoke, meditation in this context is simply clearing your mind of distraction and static long enough to prepare yourself for the demands of your daily routine.

I’m finding it pretty helpful since taking it up sort of seriously a few months back, and the Headspace app  is great for ensuring I schedule 5 or 10 minutes on a daily basis to stop, breathe and focus on being an effective human being instead of a half-present zombie.

The Last Word

That certainly seems like enough for this week, so it seems like a good time to wrap things up. I want to thank my amazing readers for continuing to allow these weekly newsletters to come into their actual inbox, as a rather aggressive user of the “Mark as Spam” feature, I certainly understand what that means and I appreciate it. I’ll be back on schedule next week, here’s to making the next few days count!

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