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Still Dreaming

As we embark upon one of the most noteworthy weeks in American history, I feel it’s especially important to embrace a message of unity in our country. One of the most shining examples of the potential of unification was the life of Martin Luther King, Jr, whose birthday is observed this week. Over the years since his death has come to be revered as a symbol of peace and goodwill toward all people, and in these unprecedented times, I think his enduring message of universal hope and human potential is more relevant than ever.

Mileage Mastery

If you drive a lot for work, here’s something you’ll probably find pretty handy. MileIQis a new resource that automatically tracks your mileage every time you get behind the wheel, so you’ll never have to manually log your trips again. It’s a great tool if you’re reimbursed for mileage as a perk of your job, and the creators of the app even went the extra mile, giving it minimal battery draw requirements so you don’t kill your smartphone trying to use technology more effectively.

In Your Corner

Let’s be honest…running any business is tough, and captaining an independent insurance agency in a marketplace dominated by the big dogs is especially demanding. It can be a scary, lonesome road to success in this business…but it doesn’t have to be with the assistance of folks like the Keystone Group.

Keystone helps small agencies thrive in the most competitive states, providing them with an arsenal of organizational tools designed to put them on an even playing field with more established competitors, and they just opened up shop in Michigan with an eye on expansion. Check them out.

Let’s Talk Sales

I had the pleasure of a chat with president of Agency Revolution Michael Jans, and it did a lot to confirm some thoughts I’ve had on the industry for a while.

You see, last year after discussing the matter with some other thought leaders I came to the conclusion that an insurance agency is first and foremost a sales organization. Along with that realization came the reality that most popular agency management systems are less than adequate for that purpose.

I’m sure many who work for one of the top names will disagree with me, and you know what…that’s just great. Studying other informed viewpoints is how we achieve new understanding of things, right?

That’s why I’m opening up the floor to dissent on this one…if you have a rational rebuttal, just email me with a short blurb and I’ll run it in another newsletter if you make an especially compelling point.

Either way, his company is an outstanding platform for increasing your revenue by cross-selling your clients, so give a visit to learn more.

The Last Word

All right, that’s about everything on the ledger for this week. Thanks as always for making time early in your week for another edition of “Brad’s Blog.” I’ll be back on schedule next week…let’s try to keep the dream alive at least that long, eh?

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