Fast Fingers and Speedy Scooters

Joy Ride

It’s the weirdest thing, seems like electric scooters are taking over the world. All across the country, names like Lime and Bird are filling the streets with these zippy little conveyances which you just pick up at a charging point and leave…well, wherever. There’s even a site called where you can locate the nearest one to your current location.

In fact, collecting the things after folks have had their fun has become a competitive business in and of itself, but that’s a separate conversation. For a quick overview, think tow trucks.
Anyway I’m more of an Uber or Lyft guy if I’m going to travel a distance worth wheels, but for just tooling around town I admit they are a hoot to ride. Just be careful…the ones I’ve ridden can really move, getting up to over 25mph, so I imagine a spill at speed would not be as fun.

An Outlet for your Tech Desires

“WiFi-enabled power outlet” kinda just sounds like a jumble of tech words like in sci-fi movies where “space” or “quantum” gets added to normal items to make them sound cooler, but the actual product is pretty slick itself. This model is an essential for smart homes, making it easy to turn your appliances into connected devices with set schedules and custom settings as well as allowing integration with Alexa.

Who Shall Rate the Raters?

If you’ve been reading this newsletter for more than, oh, 2 weeks, you know that I buy my fair share of stuff on Amazon. One of my favorite things to do is read the reviews…always a treat to encounter a 1-star review that stems from not putting in the battery.

Naturally, 5-star reviews can be just as dubious and this video from the Wall Street Journal succinctly breaks down the BS so you don’t fall for an unreliable paid endorsement from someone who’s not even famous.

Still, there are those of us who are committed to creating a more informed marketplace by providing honest reviews…Trip Advisors, elite Yelpers, and the like. 

If you have long dreamed of helping perform this important public service but don’t really want to spend any cash doing it, you’re in luck: by registering with Amazon Vineyou can get access to free products in exchange for a review. It’s an easy way you can give back to the consumer community.

Digital Dexterity

So you think you’re a pretty quick typist, do ya? Well, I did too until I took a typing speed test at Ratatype…I have been sufficiently humbled. If you’re also in need of a reality check, you can head over to take the challenge or alternately you can take advantage of a typing tutor in case you still type with only your pointer fingers like some people I know.

The Last Word

All right, that will just about do it for this inspired installment of “Brad’s Blog!” I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoy writing it. Thanks as always for taking the time to connect with my perspective, hope to be back in your inbox on schedule next week!

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