A Balanced Lifestyle: Sleep Tech and Electric Surfboards

The Undisputed Champ

Part of the reason that Apple can claim to produce the official lifestyle devices of planet Earth is their consistent innovation with the iOS system.

The latest iteration, iOS 12, boasts features that make using it more fun–the new Photo search functionality is stellar–along with additions you won’t know how you lived without before, like a “find my parked car“ feature. Entire seasons of Seinfeld could be wiped away with the simple presence of an iPhone.

Say what you want about their marketing (or dedicated iOS fans such as myself), the fact is that overall, Apple has done a better job that anyone else in the industry at tailoring their products to the demands of the consumer. Mostly.

Anyway, here’s a piece from Lifehacker spotlighting more of the most noteworthy upgrades with iOS 12.

Fitness Model

Just about all of us are looking to be in the best shape possible, but do we really know how healthy we are? Sure, we can tell whether those really nice pants we bought a few years ago still fit or not, but there’s more to a clear picture of your overall health than what’s on the bathroom scale.

The intriguingly-named Naked app goes a little deeper, allowing you to visualize your progress with a fitness routine as it unfolds. Naked works by creating a 3D model of your body, providing information such as body fat percentage as well as side-by-side before and after comparisons to help you stay motivated and reach your goals faster.

Seize the Night

By now just about everyone knows that almost no one is getting enough restful slumber on a nightly basis, and your bed could be contributing to the issue more than you realize.

From lack of energy and focus to back pain and lapses in memory, poor sleep caused by a lackluster mattress can have a profound effect on your quality of life. I’m a huge believer in adequate rest being a core factor in a life well-lived, and so I’ve spent more than my share of time on this site.

Sleep Like The Dead provides an index of unbiased reviews on bedding products including mattresses, pillows, bedding, white noise machines, and other essentials to make that ⅓ of your life pass by more smoothly.

Wave of the Future

Every so often something comes along that reminds me that we just might be on a path to the future I envisioned as a kid–you know, space buses and food printers and such–and the Jetfoiler is definitely one of those products.

In case you didn’t hear me gush about it the first time or just need a reminder of how awesome it is, it is a self-propelled electric surfboard. I will now provide a space for you to read those last four words again.

Even the legends of the old guard are excited about the new toy sure to hit shores around the world in the coming years. I managed to capture some footage of champion big wave surfer Laird Hamilton riding one, and although you will probably never be as good at him at it I bet you’ll have as much fun as it looks like he is.

The Last Word

Right then, that should certainly do it for this week! Thanks as always for making time so early in your week to check out this inspired installment of “Brad’s Blog!“ Have a productive week and remember, your kids’ candy is legally yours.

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