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Attachment Issues

It’s a question I hear all the time…should we attach everything to the agency management system or not? Sure, get the most you can out of the solution you choose–I get it, software and subscriptions can get expensive fast for a small agency–but as a tech genius once said, do we really need to attach every cert we issue to the system?

If you’re asking me, the answer is no…at least, not if you’re using the right tools. We use Office-365 along with the tamper-proof archiving that Barracuda Essentialsprovides. With Barracuda Essentials, important emails are automatically indexed through retention policies you set, and can even be accessed when email services are unavailable with the mobile app. It’s like a file cabinet that doesn’t weigh 400 pounds and take a solid hour to search through.

Lazy or Clean: A False Choice

You might be surprised what you can throw in the washing machine. I learned browsing last week that everything from fabric car floor covers and plastic shower curtains to backpacks and yoga mats can just be tossed into the mix on laundry day. Just toss them in on low to medium heat depending on how much plastic is involved and voila, just like new.

Also, while we’re on the topic of domestic duties, one of the best things about the future in which we live is that we’ll probably be doing less of them.The Roomba has come a long way from the near-novelty it once was, with the latest version incorporating intelligent home mapping so you can choose which rooms get cleaned and when along with automatic bin disposal that automatically dumps the sweepings into a disposable bag for weeks at a time.

If they teach this thing to wash dishes and scrub tile, I’m never cleaning anything besides myself again.

Talent Borrows, Genius Steals

When I present at user groups one of my favorite jokes to lead with is “I see you couldn’t get Steve Anderson.” He’s earned a lot of respect from me for his takes over the years and I continue to gain a lot from his perspective.

This piece on why Google’s investment in Applied Systems is good for all involved–that includes you and me–is a worthy read, and you might want to subscribe to his podcast The Digital Broker as well. As the old saw goes, take it from someone who knows.

The Last Word

Well, it’s time to get the last fully productive month of the year off to a strong start, so I guess I’ll let you go now. Thanks as always for making the time for this weekly geekly. I’ll be back in your inbox right on schedule with fresh rephrasings of Steve Anderson’s thoughts. Have a great week everyone!

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