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Clearing the Air

It’s wildfire season in SoCal again, and although fortunately this year I haven’t been affected, the haze of smoke in the air is a constant reminder. Air quality in the region has sharply fallen as a result of the blazes, and since we like breathable air in this household I invested in an indoor purifier. This 3-in-1 model I found on Amazon removes smoke, dust, and pet dander, operated with the touch of a single button and looking pretty sharp while doing it.

Pocket Aces

I was chatting with some of the younger members of Team Archway recently and it seems to be a consensus: if you’re in the wall: the haberdashery business is set to take another hard hit in the coming years. This time the victim is the physical wallet, and it makes sense given that less people carry cash than ever before and a lot of folks just use their iPhone to pay for things.

On this one I’m actually ahead of the curve, ditching the old-school Costanza Classic a while back for this sleek carbon-fiber job known as the Ridge Wallet. It holds up to 12 cards in its replaceable elastic securing structure as well as blocking RFID signals that can be used to skim your card data. It also has a lifetime warranty, so it just might be “the last wallet you’ll ever use.

I Need My Space

With the ever increasing specs of today’s smartphones, it seems like storage space would never be a problem…if you’re like most people, you’ve learned from experience that that’s almost never the case. This piece on Lifehacker sheds some light on effective management techniques so you never to do something barbaric like deleting your rideshare so you can check your email.

One of the things that can quickly eat up any spare memory you have is photos, and since it is now standard human protocol to take pictures of absolutely everything it’s only a matter of time until you get that dreaded “nope” warning. Fortunately, Google Photos is a convenient (and free!) resource that allows you to save your photos online so you have more space for other apps.

A Carefully Curated Waste of Time

Listen, not everything has to be ultra-productive…some days it’s just fine to lounge around on your couch (or at your desk) consuming content, and if you’re ever truly interested in wasting some time, here are the top viral videos of the past 10 years or so according to CNET. Sure, it’s a bit early in the year to finalize the listings–we still have a couple of months to go in this decade–but I think it serves as a pretty good Hall of Fame for Internet nonsense.

The Last Word

Well, I’ve got a full schedule ahead of me today so that’s about it for this edifying edition of “Brad’s Blog.” As always I appreciate you giving me your valuable time, and so I’m giving something back this month: your last chance to enter and win an iPhone 11! Just click the link to get a free entry into the drawing…or hey, if you’ll be in Vegas over the next couple days, why not swing by the Aria for an extra entry? I promise I’ll give you a turn to talk in person.

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