Authenticity in 60 Seconds or Less + Welcoming Back The Middle Seat

The Future is Short and Personal

Do you remember the old days, when YouTube was the only video sharing game in town? Not only is there much more competition now, but the kind of content we like to consume online has completely shifted. Like it or loathe it, attention spans are fractured and audience members want to be entertained – but in an authentic way that speaks to their own lives, aspirations and challenges. 

And because Gen-Z probably doesn’t want to see videos of me on TikTok, I’ve found a more age and business appropriate platform called Hippo Video. Hippo is an incredibly easy (and fun) way to create and send high-quality personalized videos to prospective and existing clients. Plus, its free! 

Want to see it in action? Send me an email here and I’ll send you a video reply. TikTok dance not included.

Meet Me in The Middle (Seat)

Strange as it may sound, I’m probably going to miss pandemic travel. No, not the strict face mask rules, the seemingly endless quarantines and testing requirements that didn’t always make sense. But admit it: There were things about the pandemic travel that were great: Change fees were eliminated, middle seats were empty, and airplanes had never been cleaner.

But many of the pandemic policies are quietly starting to fade, and those pesky fees airlines love tacking on are undoubtedly coming back. So as we get ready to resume normal travel again, I’m looking for all the tips I can find to fly safely, comfortably, and affordably. While I may not be ready to shell-out the big bucks for a lie-flat seat, Johnny Jet has an article on how to get cheap first class tickets, at least on American Airlines.

Thank God For Big Pharma

Everyone talks about the first responders during this pandemic. And they deserve a lot of praise. But I want to thank the pharmaceutical companies, and the scientists that work there. Ensuring we have infection prevention expertise is one of the critical ingredients to enhance our preparedness before another pandemic occurs again. This is an article that talks about how they invented these amazing medicines. I know some of you might not get the vaccine but those of us who did we are grateful.

The Last Word

That’s it from me! Wishing you a happy hump day, especially those of you on the West Coast who woke up at 4:11AM to watch the Super Blood Moon this morning. But unlike the Blood Moon which won’t appear again until May 2022, I’ll be back next week with another installment of Brad’s Blog. Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

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