What is Remote IT? Learn How It Can Revolutionize Your Insurance Agency

Prospective independent insurance agency clients often ask us, “If you’re located in California, how can you fix something if I need someone onsite?” However, if we’ve learned anything from the transition to remote-work in 2020, it is that ensuring business continuity and meeting your clients’ needs, while keeping your teams productive and engaged, is truly possible from anywhere, and your technology should support that. 

In this blog post, we explain how remote IT support service works, why more and more insurance agencies are implementing a remote IT team, and how remote IT can benefit your insurance agency’s technology.

“How does remote IT support work?”

Efficiently supporting your insurance agency starts with remote technical support assistance. Remote IT support is a way for IT support providers to deliver tech support without having to travel to a client’s location. No drive or wait time means your technical issues are supported in real-time. We will handle your issues with virtually no wait, or within the “golden hour” at no additional charge. 

“Why do insurance agencies choose remote IT support?”

Secure and reliable technology systems can provide a strong advantage to help your insurance agency be successful. Researching solutions, implementing new technology, and fixing technical issues in your insurance agency are extremely inefficient for you. You are in the business of insurance not IT! Utilizing IT professionals with insurance technology background provides you with an entire company and knowledge-base of technology professionals in contrast to a limited body of knowledge of your local “break fix guy”. Our technology professionals are trained on the latest insurance technologies at no cost to you for efficiency and maximum value. 

Increased systems performance, security, and reliability begin with proactive support and maintenance. Implementing best practices and regular maintenance reduces support issues for increased productivity, decreased support expense, and minimal downtime. We believe in “Fix before Break”.  Transfer non-revenue generating technology activities to Archway providing you the ability to focus solely on selling and servicing your clients.

“You’re Located in California…What Happens if I need onsite technical support?”

Although we try to minimize on-site work, we recognize that there are occasions where on-site support is necessary. We do this through the use of contractors, our own employees, and through our relationship with Field Nation, a national provider of “feet-on-the-street” IT support. 

What Services Are Included with Remote IT Support?

  • 24×7 Server and Network Monitoring
  • Internet Monitoring & Web Filtering
  • Enterprise grade Anti-Virus protection
  • Enterprise grade Anti-Malware protection
  • Secure Remote Access to Workstations via LogMeIn (Pro Edition)
  • SPAM and E-mail Virus protection
  • End-user support for technical assistance (e.g. software installation, system errors, etc..)
  • System patches and updates managed automatically 24×7
  • Proactive recommendations based on your individual agency needs
  • Encrypted Email Delivery 

“How Can Remote IT Support Benefit My Insurance Agency?”

Time saving benefits: Remote technical support can eliminate the wait times associated with onsite support delivery.

  • Cost-saving benefits: The cost of remote support service can often be significantly less than the cost of maintaining a full-time staff member or paying for onsite support from an outside vendor. Remote support service is often provided under a flat-rate monthly plan, enabling you to budget your IT expenses in advance.
  • Ease of delivery: When remote support is executed properly, the experience is smooth and can be completed with little interruption to the client’s work.
  • Relationship with Insurance Technology Leaders and Solutions: Archway Computer is a proud member of the Vertafore Orange Partner Program, and has strong relationships with many leaders in the insurance technology space. Our talented team of insurance technology experts are well-versed in agency solutions such as AMS360®, BenefitPoint®, PL Rating™, ReferenceConnect® and WorkSmart®.

Ready to transition your insurance agency’s IT to becoming fully remote? Archway Computer is the proactive and affordable outsourced IT department for over 100 insurance agencies across the country. Our knowledge and expertise allows us to work towards the goal of ensuring that you have as close to as 100% up-time as possible.

We believe that your agency’s technology should give your agency a competitive advantage. Our team of technology specialists allow us to advise, plan, implement and support your agencies specific technology vision and mission. We want to have you use technology to grow your book of business.

Contact us today for a free computer system analysis. 

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