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Brad’s Big Motion Picture

You’ve probably noticed “Brad’s Blog” has gotten some upgrades in recent weeks–you didn’t miss the new Friday edition did you?–and I’m just ever so pleased to announce the latest addition to my international multimedia empire, “Brad’s Vlog!”

That’s right, we’re rolling out a new video series starring yours truly, and the first video is fact, it’s at the end of this sentence. If you’ve ever wanted a look behind the curtain, including my computer setup and preferred tools of the trade, check it out!

It’s all very exciting, especially because I’m pretty sure according to the sanctioning bodies of the Internet possessing an active live streaming account makes me an “influencer.” That’s just one under being a celebrity, and I look forward to taking that step alongside Angela Adams at this month’s Customer Connect conference from sunny Orlando…bring a good pair of shades, the future is bright from here.

Microsoft Makes Good

I joked around a couple weeks back about having a total change of heart on Microsoft, but in all seriousness they’re having a great 2020 in my personal head canon. Not only is my new laptop exceeding expectations, my recent experience with the Microsoft helpdesk was worth writing home about, and so I will.

After having some issues with Cortana interrupting me on phone calls (what’s the most frustrated you’ve been with a disembodied electronic voice?) using the headphones I had only purchased days ago, I consulted with the techies and a firmware update later, all was well.

Now, I could also talk about how getting the most out of Windows 10 without the assistance of Cortana is needlessly complicated, but that’s at least an issue I have some immediate insight on how to address…assuming your headset is functioning properly, we can discuss it anytime.

Pocket Full of Miracles

I’m a dedicated wallet minimalist, and I’ve mentioned once or twice in this space that my personal pick is the Ridge…the sleek profile is a winner and I’m sure that RFID blocking will come in more and more handy as the years go by…I definitely expect to have mine around for a while, after all. Still, just because the Ridge is my favorite doesn’t mean it’s the only worthwhile product on the market…this CNET piece spotlights the best minimalist wallets of 2020.

Part of the reason it’s so easy to slim it down these days is that wallet stuffings such as physical cash are firmly on the decline…the time is quickly approaching where the phrase “antique velcro billfold” can be used to non-comedic effect. However, that time is not necessarily now…a Times reporter who is apparently still clinging on to analog monies went a week using just an Apple wasn’t always easy, but it is definitely possible…as long as you charge your phone.

The Last Word 

All right, that should just about do it! Thanks as always for allowing my weekly ramblings to reach your active inbox one more time, I count every week you don’t send me to the spam folder as a success. Thanks as always for making time in your grind for another enthusiastic edition of “Brad’s Blog,” now if you’ll excuse me I have to be in makeup in 5…I’m only fit to appear in a newsletter as-is.

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