Grilling Upgrades and the All-Seeing Eye of Google

The Entire History of You

In case those suspiciously well-targeted ads that have become part of most people’s Internet browsing experience don’t make it perfectly plain, everything you do online is tracked by Google. Either way, I make it a point to tell everyone that will stand still long enough.

If you’re curious to see just how much they know about you, Google does at least allow us the courtesy of reviewing our full user profile including search terms, sites visited, media shared, and other information…here’s where you can download yours. Forewarning: it’s a relatively large download, which says a lot about just how much data the ‘Net titan has access to and control of.

Proactive Preparation

A man with the wisdom to turn himself into a lightning rod and live to tell the tale once said “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” and so here at Archway we’re all about the proactive approach.

Security and compliance for your agency’s computer resources are at the top of the list when we’re talking about things that require contingency plans, and so I wanted to pass this link detailing what to do if you lose your office iPhone along to my fellow insurance industry fellows…you can all thank me later. And if you want to have us do a free security review of your computers click here

Digital Assistance for the Outdoor Kitchen

With all due respect to those who work in propane and propane accessories, any true grillmaster knows that solid fuel flames are the way to go. I use charcoal briquets, but everyone who has ever tried to get a fire started with them knows how difficult it can be without using enough lighter fluid to count as a seasoning agent.

Fortunately we live here in the future, and that means there are some pretty cool tech toys to help make the process easier. I plan to get plenty of use out of this nifty grill lighter I found on Amazon this grilling season, and if you really want to get your outdoor kitchen connected, the Weber iGrill Mini will send an alert to your smartphone when your grilltop goodies reach the perfect temperature. Finally once it’s time to clean that grill you might want to consider this robotic cleaner, the Grillbot.

The Last Word

All right, that should just about do it for the last week of May! I’m thinking about taking half a day and firing up the grill with this beautiful California weather, but thanks as always for taking the time to connect with “Brad’s Blog,” the year is flying by and I’m happy to see you’ve spent some of it with me.

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