The Bezos Letters and Faster PC’s

Analyzing Amazon

In case you’re not familiar, Jeff Bezos has been writing an open letter to Amazon’s shareholders every year since its’ inception.

Since the mind behind the world’s number one retailer has pretty much demonstrated beyond doubt that he knows what he’s talking about, every edition of the letter is the subject of extensive analysis from similarly inspired individuals because perhaps nowhere else are his beliefs about business, technology, and leadership more extensively articulated than in the 44,000 or so words that make up the anthology.

That’s why the other day I attended a presentation from Steve Anderson, a bonafide industry legend, that spotlighted his perspective on the Bezos Letters.

I found his insight illuminating, and what really excited me coming away from the forum was that Steve is working on a book about the wisdom contained within the Letters and what anyone can take out of the way Amazon does things…you can pre-order it here, and I’m setting aside plenty of time to digest it, hopefully discuss it with you.

Taking Stock of TheInventory

The most valuable things in this business and this world are those that help others, and is a great destination for finding unbeatable deals. They don’t sell anything themselves–well, I guess they enjoy the site traffic–but they have become the definitive word on the best products in multiple marketplaces in a very short time. If you’re in the market for an upgrade to your lifestyle, check out this listing of their top 10 products.

Slim Down Your System

It’s said that what you don’t pay for in cash you pay for in inconvenience, and bloatware is one of the best examples of this concept. Bloatware is all those extra programs and utilities you don’t need and might have a hard time deleting to free up space, and inexpensive PCs, tablets, and smartphones come absolutely infested with it.

It’s a tradeoff many are willing to make–after all, Amazon once released an device that was about half-price as long as you were willing to watch random ads forever and it sold quite well–but luckily, in many cases we just don’t have to any more. If you’re fed up with the popups on your PC, take a look at PCDecrapifier, which is exactly what it says on the tin.

Settling In with SimpliSafe

In the process of settling into my new home I’ve been checking out a few home security systems, and most of my research points to SimpliSafe being the best option.

Not only is it compatible with up to 4 cameras and offer features like motion detection and remote monitoring, it’s also affordable and easy to set up, both of which deeply appeal to my interests. They even offer refurbished systems for the same performance at an even more appealing price.

The Last Word

Well, Team Archway is going to be holding down the fort at Accelerate most of the week, but I’m glad I got some time to talk at you anyway! Thanks as always for making time in your week for an enlightening edition of “Brad’s Blog,” if you’re in Cincinnati give us a shout at the conference and if not, hey, maybe enter here to win something cool anyway!

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