Mission IM-Possible

Mission IM-Possible

In this digital age where the insurance industry continues to evolve, are you equipped with the tools to protect your agency from the potential risk of a cyber attack? Join me today at 11AM on Mission IM-Possible Focus Group Session brought to you by our friends at InsuredMine, where I’ll be discussing best practices and tools to keep your agency secure. Click here to register.


Goodbye Passwords, Hello Passkeys

You all know by know the love-hate relationship we have with passwords: They are key to protecting everything we do online, but they’re also one of the biggest attack avenues and security vulnerabilities users face today. But could we soon be living in a passwordless future thanks to Apple?


One of the most interesting features coming to Apple’s iOS 16 is Passkeys. This function wants to kill the use for passwords: For users, sign-in with a passkey will work pretty much the same as a sign-in using iCloud Keychain and Face ID or Touch ID. You just choose a credential, authenticate with biometrics, and that’s it. 


However, while iCloud Keychain basically auto-fills your username and password into regular text fields, a passkey goes far beyond that. The system generates a unique key that can only be accessed with user authentication via Face ID or Touch ID. This prevents malicious websites from trying to steal your passwords since passkeys are securely stored in the iCloud Keychain and are not visible to the user.


Although Passkeys won’t launch with iOS 16 later next month, Apple believes Passkeys could truly make passwords obsolete.


Amazon Weekly Finds

Auto Shut-Off Safety Outlet: Nothing stops you in your tracks like the dreaded “Did I turn off the ………” This auto-shutoff outlet this powers down anything plugged into it within 30 minutes, just in case. Buy it on Amazon for $11.59


Waterproof Shower Bluetooth Speaker: For all my fellow shower singers out there, this one is for you. This waterproof Bluetooth shower speaker with a hook that attaches right to your curtains or a suction cup to stick it on your tiles, so you can get your groove, or even listen to your favorite podcast while you do your thing. Get it on Amazon for $25.99


Universal Dust Cleaner Gel for PC Keyboard: There’s nothing I love more than keeping my office’s space and tech clean. This squishy universal dust cleaner that will get into all your keyboard’s nooks and crannies before the Cheez-It crumbs can disrupt all its internal wiring (may or may not be based off a true story). Get it from Amazon for $5.59


Do you have an Amazon find you’ve been loving? Don’t Tell me about it! Who knows, I may even feature you and a full product review in one of our upcoming newsletters. Bonus points if it’s geeky.


The Last Word

I hope you all enjoyed this week’s edition of Brad’s Blog! I know I sound like a broken record, but your support all these years truly means the world to me. Be sure to join me on today’s InsuredMine Webinar, and I hope you have a great rest of your week!


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