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Stay Safe to Finish Strong

By now most of us have returned to some semblance of normalcy, but unfortunately we are still in the depths of the COVID crisis. If you´re going to be traveling this winter, consider planning an itinerary that goes through one of the airports offering on-site testing…it´s a really convenient resource that can help mitigate the spread and get us through these trying times much faster.
Of course, for Team Archway normal includes working from home…we´re almost entirely remote, the only two employees on this site are myself and my furry assistant.  Still, if you work in a shared space, it´s important to consider what measures you can take to keep your staff safe as the temperatures drop and everyone starts sneezing.

This handy guide from PCMag details some of the most prudent space management techniques you can use to bring your old office into this brave new world of ours…it’s probably easier than you think.
Productive Production
I send a lot of video messages–what can I say, the camera loves me–and Hippo is a great tool for turning them out. 
The fact is videos immediately grab attention in a way the written word just doesn’t (trust me, I´ve used plenty of both) and with a real-time analytics suite along with deep personalization options, it’s simple to see what’s working while fine tuning it to be even better. I´ve even used it to prepare this special message for my readers…I figured it out in no time flat, and so can you.

Every Little Bit Counts

Many of us are looking for a way to pocket a few extra pesos these days, and one way you can cut corners and still remain a well-rounded operation is by finding more cost-effective options for Internet access and VOIP service.

That’s why, for a limited time, we are offering YOU a free consultation highlighting where you could be saving money. We don’t resell a thing, we just want to do you a solid in a time where we could all use one.
Just send us your internet and VOIP related invoices here and we can schedule a time to get on the phone with you and go over some of your options…we’re not talking coupon clipping here either, we saved one client $10K on their monthly expenses…now that’s worth calling home about.

Black Friday and Beyond

I don’t think it´s much of a stretch to say we´re all under a bit more stress than usual in 2020, and since retail therapy is proven to be A Thing, there’s no better time for the phenomenal deals that Black Friday always brings.
Stranger things have certainly happened this year, but I really don’t see stores encouraging their shoppers to go full zombie attack and stack up against the glass 5 bodies deep overnight this time around.

Most of the big brands are making the yearly consumer celebration into an all-month affair, and if you need more information on where you can start filling your shopping cart, look no further than this piece from Forbes

The Last Word

All right, that´s about it for this week! Thanks as always for making time in your weekly routine for another effervescent edition of ¨Brad´s Blog!¨ I´ll be back in a few days´ time–assuming you continue to extend me the honor of appearing in the inbox you actually check–but until then remember: every day your feet touch the floor is at least a pretty good one.

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